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        Life Readings:  A Life Reading provides insight into a person’s life themes, opportunities and challenges
based on their natal chart. A Life Reading will help you understand your highest callings in life
and the path to greater fulfillment and satisfaction in your choices.

        Compatibility Readings:  Learn more about yourself in relationship to friends, romantic partners,
family members or work associates. Compatibility Readings reveal the points of harmony, challenges and
potentials between two people based on a comparison of their individual birth charts through the astrological
techniques of synastry and composite analysis.  Please provide accurate birth information for two individuals.

        Life Passages: A Transits and Progressions Forecast:  Does the  year ahead emphasize
relationships, career, finances, or travel for you? A Life Passages Reading provides perspective for timing and
assessing the cosmic weather during your life cycles and transitions..  Astrological transits and progressions are
applied to an individual natal chart for interpreting the cycles that coincide with a person’s life choices and timing
of decisions.

        Solar Return Readings:  With the arrival of your birthday each year you begin a new personal cycle
of growth, development, and expression as the sun returns to the same degree of longitude where it was
located when you were born.  A Solar Return Reading reveals the central themes of  your new personal year
ahead, and provides insights into the areas of your life that will be emphasized.  Return readings can also provide
valuable insights for other major life passages such as a Saturn Return or a Jupiter Return.

        Career Readings:   If you are considering a change in your career or job, then a Career Reading
can  help identify new directions that are best suited for you.  A Career Reading also addresses the timing
associated with your transition based on your individual natal chart.  A livelihood is more than a job: It is a
desire for expression that springs forth in unique ways from within each individual. Astrology can help identify
fulfilling outlets for a person’s unique expressions.

        Relocation Readings:  Relocation Readings can assist a person in considering how their life
might change by traveling or moving to other locations around the globe.  Travel or changes of residence
can transform a person's  life emphasis and direction.  A Relocation Reading will help a person consider how
moving to specific locations  effect  their personal and professional goals.
...And bending down beside the glowing bars
Murmur a little sadly how love fled
And paced upon the mountains overhead
And hid Her face amid a crowd of Stars
     -William Butler Yeats